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Photographer: Klaas Lingbeek- van Kranen  


My pictures have been used in many places. Some of these places I will mention in the list below. Please note that the opinions of the parties who bought and used my pictures do not neccesarily match my opinions. I am in no way affiliated with such organizations.

Smithsonian Magazine (Mount Vernon)
999today.com (The Vatican)
Ashé Journal of experimental spirituality (Lalibela, Cover Image)
Seed Magazine (The White house)
Austrian Magazine (Driving in the desert)
Tunnicliffs Tavern (Capitol hill sunrise)
Before and After Magazine (Golden gate bridge)
No more whales (Beluga whale image)
The teachers corner
Les explorateurs (Greenland)
Sam Houston Univercity Link2
Autohaus Online (Desert driving)
Pology.com (Ethiopian chicken cage) (Hands)
Science museum
Photoplace.nl (Tania)
International Expeditions and Parkeast.com
Potomac Memo (Cover Image)
(Capitol hill sunrise)
Book: Fair Trade: A beginner's guide (Cover Image) (Coconut boy)
RandMcNally Classroom (Bahrain, Kuwait, Cameroon and Ethiopia)
The Testimony magazine
Paths of Devotion (Islamic dress)
Kids Castle
OurOhio.org (Canada Geese)
Book: Welcome-To Abu Dhabi 2006-2007 (Cover Image)
Book: Welcome-To Abu Dhabi 2007-2008 (Cover Image)
Book: The World Heritage - Unesco's Classified Sites (Image of Lalibela, Ethiopia)
Princeton University 2007 Newsletter
Princeton University Spring 2008 Lectures (Oil barrel in desert)
A Hebrew site
Inspire Magazine
PBS Nova Science Now
Northeastern University
American Educational Research Association (Cover)
Credenda Agenda
The Wall Street Journal Sept 8 2007 (Lalibela Image)
Sustainable agriculture and rural development
Food Manufacture

Stanford Travelstudy
Barnabas Fund
Geology.com (Bridge in Washington DC)
Tourism Vancouver
Institute for Security studies
Grist.org (Kampala)
Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP) (New york couple)
Policylink and one more
Center for a better life
24-7 Prayer
Chip Foto/Video November 2007
Science Daily (Greenland aerial)
Science Daily (Ostrich)
Critical Resources
Sofia Truchanowicz
Nature Medicine

Center for a better life
Meridian Magazine
Science Museum
Science in School (Whale Shark image)
Politics (Campaigns and Elections)
Travel to China
Glam (Great places to kiss)
Nature Notes
Sanctuaries.noaa.gov If reefs could talk
Book: Famous Place of the world (Africa) by Helen Bateman and Jayne Denshire (Lalibela church)
Book: Visions of Australia (Collected travel photography) by Jon Lamb
Book: Living Justice and Peace (Catholic social teaching in practice)
Book: Treasures of the Dragon
Book: Inheritance and Evolution: Inheritance and Evolution by Denise Walker
Book: Inventors and Inventions
CharlottesvilleTravel guide
United Nations Environment Programme (In Dead Water)
Zaji Magazine (Tehran images)
McFlight.de (Muscat, UAE and Fuerteventura pictures)
Espaco Ecologico
Ohranger.com (Statue of liberty image)
The Greens - European Free alliance in the european parliament (Green globe image)
Tourias Global tourist information (Nieuwe kerk Amstaerdam)
Smarter Travel (Monticello)
Forbes.com (Manhattan New York) (Atlanta)
Endurant Energy (Time Warner Center in rotating title bar)
Places Online (Several Images, EG Ethiopia and Nigeria)
Global Environment Facility Country Support (Ethiopian Cowboy)
How to Enjoy a day in San Francisco (Golden Gate with moon)
Marketplace.publicradio.org (African hands)
Hill McGLynn Recruitment Solutions (Abu Dhabi image in overseas zone)
Orbitz.com (The red Capitol)
DagjeWeg.nl (Castle Haarzuilens)
Avis Rent a Car
Music for Hotels (CD Cover)
Southlake Real Estate BLOG
FalcInvest (New York image)
ECO tripadvisor (Horsedrawn carriages image)
Take-a-trip.eu (Palma de Mallorca harbor image)
Brilliant Weekends (Palma de Mallorca image)
BestPartiesEver.com (Abu Dhabi: Emirates Palace image at Moonlit in Marrakech)
Dicitravel (Flamengo image)
OÖNachrichten (Lalibela image)
Dance Magazine: Lifetime Learners (New York Sunset image)
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Bildungsprogramm (Ethiopian women carrying water Spread)
UNESCO (Ethiopian river with people and animals)
Dutch Water Sector (Eastern Scheldt Strom Surge barrier)
OK4ME2 (Dolphins)
Ansys.com (Jellyfish)
Stephanieocko.com (Whale Shark image)
Trendhunter.com (New York Sunset)
Ello.org (Hands of Ethiopian children)
Catholic education resource center (Hans of Ethiopian children)
WhyVeg.com (Hands of Ethioian children)
International Coach Federation (Brooklyn bridge image)
Benchmark commercial lending (hotel image)
Helen Ziegler and associates (Qatari hotel image and Emiri Diwan image)
The Budget Casa (Tea party image)
Tillsammans.se (New York couple)
Extraordinary Health (Fish image)
Teamhodnett.com (Luxury home image)
Rabita.com (Arab man with camel)
Superbreak.com (Dhows in Doha)
World federation of science journalists (Dhows in Doha)
Canadian museum of Nature (Whale Shark)
The Courier (Abuja)
Grit.com (National Christmas Tree)
Oprah.com (Hands)
Canadian Geographic (Owl)
Fotopia (Golden Gate by night with moon)
Biodiversity Britisch Columbia (Sea Otter)
US Navy magazine Currents (Beluga whale image)
National Virtual Translation Center: Languages of the World (Brooklyn bridge image)
Chemtrust (Protecting humans and wildlife from harmful chemicals, Magazine cover)
Planet Green (White House)
Skywatch-media.com (New York)
Psychiatric News (San Francisco cover image)
About.com Africa Travel
Boersego.de (Hands banner)
Excessive Entanglement (White house image on Book cover, book by Nick d'Arbeloff)
How stuff works.com (Waterfall, Prairie dogs)
American Enterprise Institute for public policy research (Hands)
LIFE.com (Murchison Falls)
Textura (Abu Dhabi skyline)
Booking.com (Abu Dhabi image)
VRPOnline (Cover image for magazine)
Caretta (Cover image of Cyprus Turkish Airlines Magazine)
Nature.com (Image of Shenandoah National Park)
Discover Magazine.com (Sea Nettle)
Earth Policy Institute (Ethiopia food)
Scientific American (Coal)
Holland Herald (KLM Inflight magazine 01/2009, Giraffe with young woman)
Hart van Nederland
National Geographic Traveler
Gulf Corporation Council Credit Report 2009
Marie Claire
U.S. Department of Commerce
Unicef and World Health Organization

World Leaders Symposium
Mother Nature Network
The arc of Baltimore (The Advocate)
Brisbane Times
Face Magazine
Pro Wildlife (Whale shark image)
World Intellectual Property Review


Link to IStock in Action where some of my pictures are mentioned.