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Wasia's Firmware hack maakte op de Canon 300D een Custom Functions menu en andere features beschikbaar.
Het Custom Functions menu en de andere features bestaan reeds in de firmware, maar zijn geblokkeerd in de originele Canon firmware om de 300D in a marktpositie onder de Canon 10D te plaatsen. Deze functies zijn standaard beschikbaar op de Canon 10D. Na de Wasia firmware is er nu Undutchables 0.2.3. Dit voegt nog meer functies toe aan je camera. Waaronder het beschikbaar zijn van RAW in alle basic modes. Ook de volledige menus zijn nu beschikbaar.

Firmware Undutchables 0.2.3 released 18-02-2005
PDF met volledige uitleg over Undutchables 0.2.3


“UnDutchables 0.2.3 firmware” for the Canon Digital Rebel (300D)
Released March, 2005
All enhancements over Canon 1.1.1
Enhancement over UnDutchables 0.1.0 are in italic font.
· Custom function menu found on the last page in the menu
· Ability to define how the SET button behaves (same menu found on the 10D - refer to the 10D manual for
full explanation of these new enhancements)
· Exposure level increments either 1/2 or 1/3-stop
· Option to enable 1/200th flash speed sync in AV mode
· Ability to change the JPG size when shooting in RAW mode
· Shutter release with or without CF card
· FEC adjustment via the JUMP button, use the dial to adjust as shown on the LCD, only in Creative
· ISO3200 now available, and is represented by an "H" in the LCD - same as how the 10D shows this
· Mirror lockup available via enabling the option in the custom function, works by pressing the shutter
button which flips the mirror up, then the shutter opens after the timeout defined in C.Fn17 after MLU -
note that this is different than how it is implemented on the 10D where you press once to flip the mirror
and press again to open the shutter
· Mirror lockup delay adjustable via C.Fn17 – possible delay includes 1.5 sec, 3 sec, 4.5 sec, 6 sec, 7.5
sec, and 10 sec
· Immediately pressing the ERASE button after taking a photo, you can delete the photo by pressing the
SET button again instead of selecting Ok previously, to not delete the photo press any other key
· In Creative modes, right button changes the focus mode and is displayed on the LCD as follows:
o AF OF Lens set to manual focus
o AF OS One shot
o AF SE AI-Servo (selectable but cannot take a photo - one workaround, press left to release the
o AF AI AI-Focus (first takes one shot then the camera may switch to AI-servo depending on what
you are focussing on)
· Continues Drive in Basic Mode
· White balance selection in Basic modes
· Custom Function 1 available in basic modes enabling:
o Quality Select via SET button
o Parameter select via SET buttons
o Menu via SET button
o Image Replay via SET button
· White balance bracketing is working is basic modes.
· Full menu’s available in basic modes.
· Left button press turns AF off, release turns AF on again. Effectively this puts the lens in manual mode
while the left button is pressed. Pressing it when in AI-Servo mode will therefore release the shutter. You
loose AF during button press though. This means that AI servo does not support predictive focusing.
The shutter button must be released before focusing and shooting again.

· Camera may lock up if you attempt to change the language, maybe possible to change the language but
must be done on the original Canon 300D 1.1.1 firmware
· Some features may not work correctly if you are using another language - use English as a workaround

· If you upgrade and some of the things don't seem to work properly, set the settings in the Custom
Function back to the original values (see below) and install the original 1.1.1 firmware, then upgrade to
the new firmware

· If MLU does not work, ensure that the camera is in single drive mode

· When using a flash with the MLU enabled, the flash will fire when the mirror lifts and again with the
shutter opens

· Menu items for the MLU timeout will show a few arrows – ignore the arrows

· The quick erase may have altered something with the code used for monitoring the battery, and the low
battery icon may appear earlier than expected

· Numbering of the custom functions are incorrect but the functions themselves are correct

· Picture quality can now be modified safely via the menu in all modes.

· If the AF drive is set to AI-Servo the AF confirmation Light and Beep are turned off (as done in the 10D)
but now it is turned off for all modes. Please change to AI-Focus or One-Shot if AF confirmation Light and
Beep is desired.

· AI Servo with the left button release does not support predictive focusing.

· All metering related adjustments do not work in basic zones. These include AEB, EC, FEC, ISO, focus
point select. AEB can be set in the menu but will not work.
Issues resolved from previous version

· When using MLU and the countdown timer, the 10 second countdown now behaves normally, then
followed by the MLU

· Raw, white balance and continuous now available in basic modes.

· Full menu’s available in all modes.

· Left button function (AF mode) now moved to right button.

· Right button toggles AF enable/disable.

Reverting back to the original version
· Reset all the Custom Function values to the original 300D settings. Note, you cannot use the Reset
option in the menu, it does not affect these values. Below is a list of default binary values from left to right
(the bottom numbers in the CF menu):
· Flash back to 1.1.1.
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· Canon10D manual (PDF)
· Canon 300D manual (PDF)
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Upgrade procedure



The Wasia hack is outdated with the release of Undutchables but for reference I will keep these links for you:

Wasia's hacked firmware site latest version 16th june 2004
More info on Wasia's Firmware
Firmware hacking forum where they are adding even more functions to the firmware.